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Wrong Dimensions Labels



When printing Labels in LabelCreator 8 all the labels have the wrong size or dimensions.

I asked several times for support but Roxio-support never did answer my question. :)

I don't understand why, because they have a solution for my problem!!!

I found out that a certain fix could resolve my problem!!

and it did!

So for all the users of LabelCreator 8 who have the same problem with the deminsions of the labels,see


To Roxio-support i would suggest to put that fix on the website "software updates" in stead of on the forum.

Greetings from Belgium-Europe

elijo@scarlet.be :huh:

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Much thanks for the hotfix. I do hope that it fixes these dimension problems, since the current booklets I printed were just garbage. I also did not get any reply from Roxio on my problem report. Actually I think they just do not know the meaning of the word "support". :)


But is always a pleasure to see that someone else is so kind to publish a fix in the forums. Big thanks and keep up the good work.


Kind regards,


Wim Wellens


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