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VCD/SVCD does not play anywhere



Hello everybody!


I have always gotten good help here, so I am back to ask the experts again. I have created some video projects (very small, 4-5 minutes in length, 70-120 MB in size) and they burn to DVD fine. I cannot afford to burn DVD's for everybody in my family, especially at this size, so I tried to run the project as a VCD and SVCD. I go through the 3 steps in Roxio and it says complete and there are files and folders written to the CD. However, my computer, my neighbor's computer and both of our DVD players (which are less than 2 years old) will not play the VCD/SVCD. What am I doing wrong? Roxio completes the three steps and finalizes the disc but it still will not play anywhere.


Thanks in advance for everybody's assistance!

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There are about 6 folders with various files in each folder - wish I had the disc with me to let you know the specifics. Off the top of my head, there was a VCD folder but that's all I can remember. Sorry...

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Guest mlpasley

Many DVD players will not play VCD/SVCDs.


Had you considered combining those projects onto one menu in DVD Builder? You can get up to one hour of 'best' quality onto one DVD. If you made the projects in VideoWave, you can easily put them on one menu. If you made them in DVD Builder there is a workaround to get them onto one menu and if you need that solution, let me know.


Have you tried to play that CD on your computer with the Roxio Player (under Extra and Utilities) or Cineplayer? I've not had much luck with Windows Media Player.


If your relatives have computers, you could just burn an mpeg file to a CD, but then you've got to teach them how to play it.

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Guest mlpasley
Could you explain how to do the MPEG file so they can watch it on their computer? I tried to play it in CinePlayer and they still would not play...


Let's first make certain that there isn't something wrong with the VCD. Put the CD in your drive, Open ROXIO PLAYER under Extras & Utilities (lower right hand corner of the main screen.) That program will play VCDs ( I've not had much luck with Cineplayer).


Now if the VCD plays on Roxio Player and won't play on your DVD player, then it's your DVD player. Perhaps it will work on some of your relatives DVD player.


If it won't work in Roxio Player, then there's something wrong with the burn and you might want to check with the computer/dvd burner manufacturer's website for updates to that burner.


To answer your queation.... you could burn a DVD on CD which will work on computers that have DVD playing software.


Or in VideoWave, you could do a File\ Output production to....Video File\ for playback on another computer\ medium quality. OR you could select Show All and choose Windows Media Video\ Best. That will give you an mpeg1 ( or .wmv) file that you can burn to CDs using EMC7 Creator Classic.


When they put it in their computer, they can play it with Windows Media Player. I tried both and I think the .wmv video looked best. You can test it yourself by exiting EMC7 and double clicking on each of the new files on your hard drive. Pick the one you like best.


Use Creator Classic to burn the file to the CDs.

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