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Title Attached to Panels



Easy Media Creator 10


I have a very simple need.


I would like to attach title or captions before a series of videos, like, say, "The kids go swimming," or "Ryan's Magic Show."


I insert a panel, then add text. Sometimes up to 20 times per video project (video wave is the component). The text lasts about 8 seconds, the panel displays about 5. The text continues after the panel has gone away, covering up part of the following video.


I can manually adjust the text length, but I don't want to do this 20 times. Furthermore, something - and I just have no idea what it is - is causing my title text to wander. I just previewed a movie after getting all the text where I wanted it and over half of them started and ended in totally arbitrary locations. I have text appearing in the middle of a clip that I don't want to be there. I have corrected those, but I have no idea why they ended up in such arbitrary locations, and I don't know if they'll "wander" again.


Is there a straightforward way to enter titles between video clips with text that keeps itself OFF of the previous or subsequent video clip? This is effortlessly accomplished in the admittedly limited (but kind of impressive in its small way) Windows Movie Maker. You insert a title wherever you want, add text. The text always starts and ends within the colored panel. Always. Can Roxio do something similar?


Thank you

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Since you want the text to be tied to the panel you inserted, select the panel then switch to the internal tracks view for the panel. Add your text there on the internal track for the panel and it will be part of that panel only rather than as part of the entire project.

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