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Toast-compatible external Blu-ray drive for Macintosh?



Hello -


I'm sorry for a possible duplicate post - I tried "search", but it always returns zero results (I think it must be a forum bug - I can't even find "Blu-ray").



I've got an Intel Mac Mini running OSX Snow Leopard. I want to burn Blu-ray *data* discs for backups. I'm not concerned with burning 'movies', or movie playback.


Can anyone out there tell me what Blu-ray drive is compatible/supported by "Toast 10" on the Mac?


I've seen mention of an LG Blu-ray drive working, but that drive seems to be discontinued. I went to Buffalo's website, and they have an external Blu-ray drive, but it says that it requires Vista. Since they don't 'support' Mac, I assume they don't include the drivers. I've read other places that Toast relies on the existing drivers for drive support, so I guess I can't use the Buffalo?


Or, does the Mac already have drivers that'll support these external drives?


I see that there's a compatible drive from "OWC" (Other World Computing, I think) which is bundled with Toast 10 (so, apparently, is compatible). I've never heard of the company, so I'm a little afraid to purchase (I suppose the 'guts' of the drive are manufactured by someone else, though). Does anyone out there use there drives/care to comment?



Oh, one more thing: Since I don't care about burning 'movies' to Blu-ray (just data discs), does that mean I don't need the Blu-ray movie plug-in? (will the 'base' version of Toast 10 support Blu-ray data discs, or is all Blu-ray support part of the plugin)?



Thank you in advance for your help!


- Paul


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