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Major issues with Toast 9 on Mac OS 10.5.9



We just got off the phone support and paid for them to tell us what we already feared -- there are serious Blu Ray burning issues in Toast 9. And with a quick Google search on the web, it looks like there are similar issues with Toast 10.


We get error code 43 often when we simply try to eject discs.


A few months ago when Toast 9 wouldn't burn Blu Rays in a normal fashion but showed the Blu Ray cache as full prematurely (for instance you would put 500 MB of information into the Blu Ray window and it would show it as over 23 + GB), they advised me to save things as a disc image first and then try the burn.


It worked. What I didn't realize is that a strange permissions issue was also baked into the discs so that I cannot copy things from them. The only way to get all this information off these discs is to individually open each file (and that's a lot of files on a 50 GB disc) and do a save as.


We're kind of stunned and disappointed with Roxio. Up until buying Toast 9, we loved their products. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a class action going on regarding this. It has been a major setback for my video production company.





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