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Adding Stopwatch Overlay On Video



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There is no given overlay for it, but there are some things you can do. Here is a list:


1.) Get a real stop-watch. Record a video of the countdown or countup as you need, holding the camera and stop-watch absolutely steady (put it on a stand, or set it on something solid). Then, add that footage as your overlay. Remember that you can still edit the footage before you use it as an overlay to make it to your needs. You can edit out edges, zoom in, etc. (whatever you can do with any footage). Then, simply add it to the overlay track on timeline, and adjust it to how you need it (shrink it, make it transparent, etc.).


2.) There is a way to make your own - it will take some work, though. Firstly, you would need to get a picture of a blank stop-watch (without numbers actually on it). Then, add text to the stopwatch through VideoWave, and keep replacing the text with different numbers as the countdown keeps going. Finally, you can render a bunch of clips with numbers on it, speed it us so that the numbers will be a second each, and finally add it as an overlay in the timeline overlay track, adjusting it to whatever you need.


I hope this helped you :) .


Have fun!

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