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Burning copies of progams


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This is my first post and I hope I am posting in the correct forum.


I have a very old computer system with an old version of easy cd creator. The exact name is "Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.5c" I don't know if this is a Roxio product or not. My operating system is Windows 98 SE. I am not very computer literate and have a basic question that I hope some of you will be able to help with.


My question involves copying files and programs that are on my hard driveand burning them to Cd. The way I am doing this now is to open Easy CD Creator, then open Windows Explorer, open Programs, find the program I want, highlight the folder and drag it into the large window located in the right lower half of the window. Then, I click the red round icon that says make CD. Is there an easier way to do this?


Thanks for any assistance you may provide.

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When you run Creator 3.5 (which is an Adaptec product, handed over to Roxio, and Roxio has now been bought by Sonic) you should first be faced by a window with 4 "panes" in it.


The top right pane is an Explorer pane. You use this to navigate round your system and select files to burn. You drag files or folders into the bottom or "project" panes to assemble a project containing the files you want to burn to CD.


Once you've built the project, click on the red button to burn everything to disc.


If you're running a separate copy of Windows Explorer you can simplify things by using the top right pane instead, but apart from that there's no easier way to burn your files to a standard CD. All the major burning software uses this same scheme - assemble a project and then burn it.


There are programs which format CDs and then allow you to write a file at a time to them, but this "packet writing" method does not write standard CDs and has huge problems with reliability and trying to read/write on other systems so we advise you avoid this method.

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