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import addresses and other newbie questions


I cannot import my outlook email addresses. Do I need to make a .csv file (or some other kind of export of my addresses) to make this happen....simply because none of my email addresses are being picked up.


I ended up buying Roxio's version of Photoshow (I guess?) I am reading that we are NOT buying the product -- since we already bought it from SimpeStar -- that we are merely buying host space.....I guess new customers get both the product and the space for the same dollars LOL...


I still have not found all my shows from simplestar v.5 , and am hoping for some kind of warm fuzzy feeling, some day...I am not comcast. Does that make a difference...I am AT&T.


Must say, the guy I spoke with about ordering the Roxio Product was non-communicative, non-helpful and did not seem to have any information. Would not discuss how to use 5 interchangeably with 6 until I actually had purchased 6. I tried to Purchase 6 and it kept telling me someone else was using my log in information (me!) and it was fairly difficult to get the guy on the phone to say anything...it was like I had to ask a direct question to get any answer at all:( Very Frustrating Experience. I am a 50 y.o. court reporter and feel like after all these years of taking testimony, I can actually tell when someone is being "uncommunicative".....


I am still confused on some other things, after making the purchase....can I still burn my dvds? Can I upload photos and make photoshows in 5, and that is the only way to be able to burn w/o having to pay Roxio everytime I want to make a movie of my work?


I really enjoyed the old product. I have "lost" some very important historical videos due to my ignorance about the product being sold off and me not backing up to some other "place" for storage. Where do I do that?


Any help is appreciated...sort of.....there is one poster on here that seems to have a strong dislike of new people and their frustration. Please don't turn my problems into something personal. It's not personal.


thanks in advance,




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