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Doug Blair

TiVo Transfer beta 3 bug reports


Here are some things I have observed after a day of using the third beta release of TiVo Transfer. TiVo Transfer BETA 3 is installed on a MacBook Pro (late 2008 - solid aluminum body) running current Snow Leopard (10.6.1), and my TiVo is a dual cable card TiVo HD, cable provider is Wide Open West (WOW) in the northwest Chicago suburbs.


1- FIXED in beta 3 THANK YOU!

  • More than 128 programs are shown in DVR view
  • TiVo suggestions programs appear in DVR view (because more than 128 programs now appear)
  • File handles closed correctly after transfer. Shows can be moved to another file system without error while beta 3 is still running
  • Excessive logging turned off
  • Forward slash in program file names replaced with underscore character


2- In the Active Transfers panel some 30 minute shows appear with a size of 114 Mb, even though the actual file size is around 662 Mb. When you click on such a show the duration (at the top) displays as zero seconds. When transferring such a show the progress bar shows "550 Mb of 662 MB - XX minutes remaining" even though the size column contains 114 Mb. Beta 3 crashed when this transfer completed, Crash log sent to patatrox in PM. EDITz - this sympton also observed with 1 hour shows and a size of about 230 Mb.


EDIT: When a show for which an auto-transfer is enabled is being recorded on the TiVo and encountered during a now playing refresh, an entry in active transfers is made with the size of the file at the time it is first encountered (e.g. ~ 150 Mb if this happens 10 minutes into the show). This entry is NOT updated as the file grows in size over the rest of the show, but it does take its place in the queu of shows to be transferred. When the show is transferred the size of the file exceeds the amount shown in the size column. Beta 3 crashes when it tries to create the NEXT show file. I have observed this happen when the Active Transfers view is disp;layed, but do not yet know if it happens if a different view is displayed.


EDIT: if you find a program in active transfers with the wrong size column, stop the transfer before it begins transferring the file. If an auto transfer is enabled beta 3 will re-add the dropped program at the end of the queue with a larger file size. If the show has been fully recorded the file size will be accurate and the show will transfer without crashing Beta 3.


EDIT: This function would work correctly if you do don't add a show to active transfers until it has completely finished recording. That was, I think, the version 1 behavior.


3- The progress bar in the status column on the active transfers view recalculates the time remaining every second and appears to use too small an interval to determine the average speed. Consequently the time remaining fluctuates over a wide range. When beta 3 transfers a 660 Mb file the time remaining showed 11 minutes, 2 hours and 15 minutes, 8 minutes, 9 minutes, 23 minutes, 8 minutes, 1 hour and 45 minutes, etc. The longer times appear to happen around the same time that Beta 3 is refreshing the DVR view program list. A better behavior would be to use speed over the past 10 or 15 seconds to estimate the total time remaining.


4- The active transfers View menu, but the View Options menu item is always disabled and command-J does not work. The duration, size and channel columns cannot be resized or hidden.


4a- Suggestion, not a bug: reading the entire program description on a single line really isn't possible on my 15" MacBook Pro screen. It would be nice to have an option which would allow that long description to word-wrap into multiple lines in the Description column.


5- I have experienced two more Beta 3 crashes after the first, both of these with EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) as the exception type and KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE as the exception code. I do not know what happened with the first one (I slept through it last night!), but with the second I had left the Active Transfers view displayed an a show was starting to transfer (0 of 660 Mb) but no file had yet been created in TiVo Recordings. Will send both crash files if you want.


6- This is just an observation for those who have a lot of programs on their TiVo, and have tested beta 1 or beta 2. The first time you start beta 3 the programs which were not displayed because of beta 2's 128-program limit will now be visible, and your auto-transfers will attempt to catch up on auto transfers that were missed



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