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easy dvd copy 2



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Does the new easy dvd copy 2 come bundled with emc 8 suite ?


Based on the screen shots sure does look like it. In V8, it is simply disc copier, label creator, disc drive loader and others. If you are looking to buy, do not buy the essentials (my opinion) unless you do very little video work; get the standard. If you have the $ look at the deluxe version, it is a good deal if you quality for the rebate. (Read rebate requirements closely). None of them will copy commercial copy protected discs.

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Some people have had trouble with that Dazzle device. I am able to use it on my computer but the sequence at which the device, the program and the source are turned on must be played with to get it to run. You might want to look at the Pinnacle site to see if they have any updates/tricks if you go that way.


O.K Thanks, I'm looking at the dazzle feature for vcr tapes.In the stores dazzle is $45.00. I also have dvds to copy and the copy dvd 2 looks better than the first. I wiil email tech support to find out for sure.
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