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Menus Not working Correctly



Hello All!



I have created a DVD with menus and chapters. I have a "jpg" as the background and 6 scenes/chapters created on the sub-menu. The default "return/back" button is there and I have moved it so that I could fit everything on the screen.



I can get to all of the chapters (not in sequence) but I cannot get to the "return/back" button at all using the controller for the DVD player. I can use a mouse button and this gets me one level back.



Can I correct the order in which the controller moves through the 6 chapters?

What happened that I cannot get to the "return/back" button?


How I would like it to be....

Chapter Layout

1 2 3




4 5 6


How it works currently

Goes directoly to "return/back"

then 1->2->3->6->4->5

then it cycles in the lower part between 4-5-6.

If I hit the up arrow I can get into 1->2->3






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I don't know it this thread will help you but you might try it.





Patty -


Your earlier posts on this topic have helped me and many others. Given that the forum sees this Menu behavior question several times per week (two just this morning!), we ought to find a way to "Pin" the DVD Menu behavior solution(s) until Roxio wakes up and adds it to their documentation.



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I am glad it helped. I try to save solutions to different problems so that I can respond, they aren't alway my solutions, but are ones that have helped others. I will take your suggestions under advisement. :)

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