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Eliminating "color layer" appearing on photo on slide show menu.



Is there a way to eliminate the color cast which appears on the photo on the first menu screen, MyDVD, of a slide show? The red cast nearly obliterates the photo. I have 2 chapters burned to a DVD, and the photo representing the 2nd chapter is clear with no color cast.


Also, when I run this slide show on my DVD player connected to my TV, the slide show stops after the first chapter, and I clicked on "Play", and the show began with the first chapter again, instead of going on to show the photos in the 2nd chapter. I tried clicking on "skip" and that did get the 2nd chapter to run. Why should the slide show stop after the 2st chapter?


My equipment is a Dell Dimension 3000, Window XP Home (SV Pk 2), 300 gig Intel Pentium 4, 80 gig hard drive (47 gigs free), 510 megs installed memory. My burner is Memorex DVD 16+/-DL4RW1D2-15, dual layer capacity.


Hope someone can help.......



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Not sure what you mean by 'color cast'. Make sure you haven't accidently added an effect to that slide.


Chapter or separate slideshows? There is a difference. A 'chapter' mark is something WITHIN a single slideshow. Let's say you have a 30 min slideshow. You can create 'chapter marks' every 5min so the viewer can quickly move to a point in the slideshow.


If you have have more than one slideshow on the Main Menu, the viewer is returned to the Main Menu after each slideshow so you can select the second one. You should be able to select the second one by using the arrow keys on the remote.

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