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saving in videowave

flying shark


I have no problem with any of the roxio it just seems to take too long to save while using video wave


with a project of 200 pictues and transitions it takes up to 5 minutes every time i want to save


is this a computer problem


I am running a p4 3.2 ghz 4000ram ati card asis mother board


or just the nature of the program.




Bob the one Flying Shark

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In VW, try setting Tools – Options – Render, to Software and see how it behaves???


Hardware Rendering will often bog down the editing functions, including Saves.


Lots and lots of free, defragmented HDD space helps too :lol:


thanks for the suggestion


it did help with the save but now when I go to burn dvd it does burn but the menu which I set up is no longer part of the dvd also may just a coinsidence but my second dvd burn was missing it was there yesterday


I have reinstalled dvd burner and did clean install of creator 2009 am currently defraging the system

which is intel core 2 Duo CPU

3.2ghz 4gb ram

xp pro version 2 service pack 3

ati radeon HD 4800 card


I have been using videowave for several years starting with videowave 4 and have enjoyed the challenge

of getting through the glitches that come up from time to time


hope this all works and I get my menues back



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