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DVD without menu 16:9 ?


Hi everybody,


I have just discovered the type of project "Video DVD without menu". It is pefect for some application where I just want the DVD to start playing (and play forever) when it is inserted in the player.


The only problem is the following: I would like to be able to choose the 16:9 aspect ratio for the project, but the option is greyed out in the "Project Settings" option under "File".

If I select the option in before going to "File" -> "New Project" -> DVD w/o Menu, I can choose it, but it will be overridden.


What am I doing wrong? the DVD video works fine, but when I show that on the 16:9 TV screen the photos are, of course, slightly deformed (horizontally stretched).


Moreover, I have a "theoretical question": is the aspect ratio "coded" in a DVD? meaning: does a DVD "know" if it is 4:3 or 16:9 ? I thought yes, but I begin to doubt!


Best regards & thanks in advance for your help!

Have a nice day


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