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Won't Install

Scott Morton


Ok, purchased VHS to DVD...


As my PC had been running fairly sluggishly, I decided to format hard drive and reinstall windows XP SP2 (Media centre)


Then I tried to install VHS to DVD.....


Installation got through direct x install, USB driver install and then it just hangs....

All I can do is hit the reset button, when PC starts no software has been installed...


I have tried this several times...


Occasionally, after the reset, the DVD drive is not visible in windows explore


Caused so much issues with my PC I have had to take it to a repair shop to get sorted....... they can not even install the software.


Anyone else had this problem?

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Thanks Jim


My first post was a bit of a summary of what I had done, I had actually, trawelled through these forums to see the responses to other people's install problems.

I have tried a clean install, I assumed as I had just done a reinstall of Windows XP and done all the updates that I had all the 'things to do before installation' covered off.


So.... bearing in mind that after the last attempt I ended up taking my pc to get repaired... I'm not sure if it is worth it.


That's the first time I have ever had to pay to get my PC fixed. :angry:


I collect my PC after work tonight....... maybe they gave it another go and got lucky! (They tried twice this morning, and had to reinstall windows after both attempts)


I'll keep you posted.

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It can be a bit touchy at times and frankly someone familiar with the install will always have better luck than most “repair shops” since they are unaware of the tricks.


It is important to know where it fails and what it does after failure. These guide the steps necessary to correct it!


In some cases, just copying the files from the DVD to the HDD and installing from there is the trick.


In other cases you must create a new account to install under…


The one time I really had trouble, the “new” HDD failed within the week! Had no problem with its’ replacement.


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Went to collect PC last night and it wasn't ready...


Seems that no usb sockets are now working, and the C drive had disappeared.....

Looks like there could be somethinmg wrong with the motherboard...


Gotta say - quite relieved really, it means that there is a chance once it fixed, that I may be able to load up this software.




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With the aid of a new motherboard, processor and some extra ram and I have just successfully installed VHS to DVD. Yahoooooo!


Thanks for all your advice though Jim.

Everyone should keep a Spare Motherboard behind their PC :lol:


Glad to hear you got it up and running! Gown teh real questions will be starting :D

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