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New limit on resolution in TiVO shows?



Hi guys -


I posted this in the Popcorn 4 forum, but nobody is sure about it. One user suggested I post here, also. Here is my original post, and then a 2nd post clarifying some info.


Any help is appreciated.




I just upgraded to Popcorn 4 a few days ago, after having used Popcorn 3 for the last several months.


In Popcorn 3, I would use Tivo Transfer to put the .tivo file on my computer, then convert it with Popcorn; I always converted it with a custom setting - with resolution of 1280 by 720, the same as the .tivo file.


Now, when I get ready to convert the .tivo file, I am told that it can only be converted to 480 by 360, "the maximum size allowed by TiVO"??!!!! That is obviously not a technical limitation, because it was not the maximum size allowed in Popcorn 3.


What the heck is going on, and where did this ridiculous resolution limitation come from?


Thanks in advance for any information.




I use the TiVO Transfer for Popcorn application, which copies the .tivo file as it exists on the TiVO recorder directly over to my Mac. The copy that is on my mac is in 1280 by 720 resolution (afaik). Then I open Popcorn 4 and get ready to convert the .tivo file. With other types of files, I can click at the bottom to select the conversion type, and I have access to a "custom" option that lets me select the resolution, frame rate, etc. But if it is a .tivo file, there is no custom option; in red text, there's a statement that the file will be converted in 480 by 360, the maximum allowed by TiVO. It doesn't matter if I choose H.264, Apple TV, MP4, or whatever - there's no custom option, and the "maxiumum allowd" warning is shown.


I suppose this could be a limitation requested by TiVO. No matter whose idea it was, I am very steamed that there was no warning or any information at all that upgrading to Popcorn 4 would actually downgrade the resolution at which you can convert shows recorded on TiVO.

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