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I am new here and new to video editing. I have taken old video tapes and recorded them onto DVD via the VCR/DVD recorder. Now I want to put the movies on my computer and taken sections from each of the DVDs to make a new DVD, ie taking Christmas movies from each DVD and making one DVD of just Christmas.


I am considering the Roxio Creator 2010 Pro. I would like to know if it will do what I want to do.


Thank you.



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Yes but not as simple as you would like…


You will have to Import each DVD in its’ entirety.


From there you will be able to break up each into “Scenes” in VideoWave (the editor)


Then you can load one of those “Scenes” into VW and save the Project – call it Christmas 2000.


Do the same with the rest, Christmas 2001, 2002, etc. creating a Project file for each.


Then open MyDVD (the disc Authoring software) and add those VW Projects.


Each will have its’ own Menu Button and with a little more work you can even have a Play All Button too.


But video in not Click & Smile! You have to learn the software, it won’t think for you.


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