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Issues Capturing Video & Audio using Roxio Creator 2010 Pro & Roxio Video Capture USB Device



I've recently purchased Creator 2010 pro along with roxio's video capture USB device.


I'm having problems capturing analog video & audio with the device and haven't had any joy finding a solution with the Creator 2010 Pro user guide or help topics - which don't reference the Video Capture USB device at all.


I have two separate (and seemlingly unlrelated) issues:

Video - Roxio Media Import Function Recognises the video in the capture window (using a composite cable), however the settings are rather frustrating. For some reason the Space Left on Drive is listed as 4.0GB, but my videos are set to be saved to a 1TB external hard drive that has over 800GB space available. The options are practically redundant because it doesn't give you a chance to adjust anything other than Composite/S-Video input types, TV Standard and default file locations. I can't for the life of me see how to fix the space available for capturing video.


Audio - using standard audio cables and the USB capture device, I do not get any audio captured with my video. I have reinstalled the software in case it was a bad installation, to no avail. Could the device itself be faulty? Again the options do not provide any help as you can only change the audio input (I've assumed that the Line (2-USB 2861 Device) is the device I should be selecting, but could well be wrong here.)


Any assistance greatly appreciated!!


Thanks all in advance



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Roxio will not properly recognize any HDD in excess of 1TB… You will have to use a smaller drive or capture to your C:\ and transfer it after you are done.


You didn’t say, but the Audio is most likely a Vista issue. Look through This.


Let us know how you make out, if you still have problems, post back and include some details.

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Thank you Jim... you have resolved the space available on hard drive issue... but no joy with capturing audio as yet.


I thought your suggestion that it was a vista issue might have solved everything, but on checking the sound options in the control panel, the device listed as "Line 2- USB 2861 Device" was already stated to be working properly. One interesting point is that whilst my inbuilt microphone array seems to be detecting audio as indicated in the volume bar to the right, the USB device does not appear to be detecting anything - even with all the requisite RCA cables attached.


When I have the media import window open and the USB capture device connected, the video image displays as it plays on my TV screen, but the only sound audible from the PC is a low speaker hum like that of an ungrounded turntable or similar (sound still plays as normal through TV speakers).


A few other details...

HP Touchsmart 1015a

2GHz Dual CPU

64-Bit with Vista Home Premium SP2

4GB Ram

I've also installed Creator 2010 Pro SP1 since my first post


Hope this helps to shed more light on what the problem is!


Thanks again


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My Win7 shows the same – Line2 – USB 2861 Device:




While you can’t see movement here, the green sound bar is happily moving up and down while my DVD Player is playing.


Unless I am missing something, you seemed to have everything set correctly.


With the Control Panel – Sound open, try the connections.


Test another device – anything with RCA Outputs.


Test with another RCA wire set. Even if you only have another Audio (2 wire) set at hand. Plug White to White and for testing plug the Red Wire into the Yellow output and the Yellow input of the Roxio device. (it won’t know you are passing video on a Red wire – that will be our secret :D )


I am curious, what was the stated size of your TB External drive? 1 TB? 1.5 TB???


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