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Set iTunes Converted Movie Folder Location?





I've been using TiVo Transfer, and moving shows off of my TiVo, and converting them for viewing on my iPhone, and automatically adding them to iTunes. It's working pretty nicely.


My only trouble is this: my iTunes folder is located on a large external drive, but Toast 9, when converting the files, places the new file into the Movies directory in my user profile -- on my smaller system drive.


Is there a way to set Toast to use the iTunes folder? (iTunes/iTunes Music/TV Shows) If I convert the file and save it to the desktop, and import it into the iTunes library from within iTunes it goes to the right place, so I'm assuming that the end location has to do with what Toast does. . .



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Hi DBrashler


If I understand this right, you want to have Toast convert a file to play on the iPhone and save into you iTunes library? You should be able to do this with any file (music/video or whatever) if you do the following:


• Open Toast to the Convert window

• Select 'Video Files' in the left hand portion of the window (or choose DVD or TS Folder or whatever you are converting from

• Drag the file you want to convert in the right hand portion of the window

• Change any titling or whatever if you want to

• Click the red 'Record' button

• In the drop-down that appears on the next screen you have 3 options at the top:

1. Device - choose iPhone

2. Quality - leaving this as 'Custom' is the best bet

3. Save to - this is the key one for you, here you choose 'iTunes'


When you then click the 'Convert' button, Toast will convert the file and save the result into iTunes, wherever you have the iTunes library installed. I use this all the time for movies and it works a treat with my external iTunes library. It is probably worth launching iTunes before you start the conversion, just to make sure Toast doesn't get confused at all.

NB - Toast will still store the converted item in the 'Converted items folder' and iTunes will have to be set to 'Manage Folders'. Both of these can be changed in the relevant preferences.


Hope this helps.


Sorry, I forgot to mention. The same settings (numbered 1. 2. 3. above) are available for Automatic TiVo Exports in the Toast Preferences/Audio & Video and it's at the bottom of this display.

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