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10.0.4 Still not playing BD-RE on PS3


Hello all,


I have never posted on this forum and have just followed it over the past few months waiting for each Toast 10 Pro update patches in hoping to find a a resolution to burning BD-RE / Bluray Video Disks for playback in a Play-station 3. After hunting the internet for months I have run out of information on how to address this issue.


I am using a G5 PowerMacintosh (Powerpc) and have had burning issues since starting with the base version of Toast 10 Pro.


Using an LG H20L Bluray Burner and Sony AVCHD camera files using LG supplied TDK 25g bd-re for test burns.


Originally I had many errors and failed multiplexing and writing 'block' errors etc.


I had managed to overcome those and finally complete a disk burn, although after 10.0.3 they never seemed to happen as much.


Since trying many different settings including no menu, mpeg2/mpeg4, autoplay, sequence, no encoding etc I have yet to be able to play an AVCHD mts /mts2 file imported into toast bluray video option and successfully burnt a Bluray re disk that actually loads on a Playstation3.


All I ever get is a black screen and a ps3 freeze, and I have tried all bd settings.


Now that I have downloaded and installed 10.0.4 with patch notes of a ps3 fix - it is still not working and I am having trouble maintaining my patience and sanity :)


No Ps3 specifications address specific encoding requirements but non encoding doesn't work either and I have now had a another failed burn (possibly due to CPU bandwidth being used on that one specific burn.)


Does anybody have a resolution to this?


I have Final cut express, that will be my next test, along with a new sony brand brdisk aswell as testing other bluray players in a hifi store sometime soon.


Toast 10 pro states Ps3 compatibility, so why isn't this still working?



Any assistance appreciated.




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