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Ramblin Man

Was able to burn DVDs. Upgraded. Now 2 burned DVDs won't play on players? Help


Hello. First time using the Popcorn discussion boards.


I updated as prompted by Popcorn so I'm running their latest version 3. I've burned DVD's a few times from DVD folders I have on my computer.


I've run 2 burns since upgrading and they play fine on my computer but neither will play on my stand-alone DVD players at the house. I have 2 burned DVDs that were made two weeks before the update just fine. Now, my two DVD players give me an error message that they "can't play" when I try to play these DVDs. They play my other burned DVDs just fine.


I'm on a MAC running SL. I set the burning speed to the slowest possible. I'm doing all the steps the same as I've always done.


Anyone else having this issue? Any solutions?


Thank you.

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I've read a similar post on the Toast 9 Forum regarding the latest update to Toast 9. Do you have a copy of the previous version of Popcorn 3 backed up that you can copy back to your hard drive?

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