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96/24 Music DVDs



Years ago I bought Toast 5 and later 6 to make CD copies of records in my collection. It worked fine. The CDs sounded great in the car, but not so good in the house, where I could compare them to records and hear significant loss of information. Actually they sounded as good and sometimes better than commercial CDs, but any CD involves some loss of information compared to a good analog source. A year or so ago I bought Toast 9 so that I could make 96/24 music DVDs from some records in my collection because the music and sound was so much better at the much higher resolution. I never was successful at that although I did manage to make a couple 48/24 recordings, but that really wasn't satisfactory because that means throwing away half of musical information and resolution, although they did still sound much better than CDs. I have used Spin Doctor to make 96/24 recordings. What I would like to be able to do with Toast is use it to make music DVDs at 96/24 resolution from my Spin Doctor recordings. If I have an album that is more than 45 minutes long I would like to be able to put the whole album on one DVD. And actually, since a 96/24 music DVD should be able to hold more than 3 hours of music, I would like to be able to put several albums, each with multiple tracks auto-defined, and titles listed manually, on the same DVD. This I was not able to do even at 48/24. The maximum I could get was one 45 minute or less subdivided take on one DVD. If I sent tracks from one LP to Toast 9, I could not open another Spin Doctor file and send more tracks to the same music DVD. In one case of a 53 minute album, recorded in two parts since Spin Doctor wouldn't let me record more than 45 minutes in one take, I couldn't even put the whole album on one music DVD. Neither the manual nor multiple contacts with Roxio Customer Service was able to make it possible to do what I wanted to do. I have a G4 Powerbook running OS 10.4.11 and a Macbook running 10.5.8 currently (I was running earlier versions of 10.5 when I was trying Toast 9). Is there any Toast user on any Roxio forum who has been able to use any version of Toast to: 1) make 96/24 music DVDs with multiple auto-defined tracks and titles listed? 2) put several such albums (several hours of music) on the same music DVD? If so what version of Toast allows one to do this and was it done on a MacBook or PowerBook G4 running what OS version?

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