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Toast 7.0.2 Freezes



I went to update from Toast 7 because it wouldnt mount an image on my Intel Mac Mini and I had heard that Toast was suppose to work just fine on the Mactels. So when I updated I get to the point where it ask about Toast it and Mount It Deja Vu and Divx Movies, I press contiue and it ask for my password, but after that it freezes. I tried reparing and verfying disk permissions but that didnt work. Any ideas?

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i had the same problem, i found the same work around....

except for me, impossible to open an image disk , even created by toast, if i click on the mount button , it freezes and i must keep the on/off button to stop the computer and then restart, i must then pay attention not to touch this button if i want to burn and change the settings to open with image utilities if i want to open the disk..


to freeze osx is something very rare, first time i see this since virtual pc osx first version on the older osx version


i have seen nothing in the knowledge base regarding to this point, i'm waiting for a real ub version , intel macs are young compare to ppc, and i had some not usuals difficulties with some programs but not to this point, i think it is probably related to rosetta and conversion ppc intel code....

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