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Photo resolution for slide shows



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I really like that one Frank.


Unfortunately you can't do anything useful to improve a small photo like those

but if it's all you have, make the project and enjoy it anyway.


I've actually printed 4X6s with (customer supplied) files that size. But the customer

was happy. A so-so pic of some special moment is better than a non existent perfect one.

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I am doing a slideshow for a someone and they sent me photos that were low res (88kb). I am wondering how this will look on the big screen and if there is a way for me to increase the photo resolution or appearance.


Thanks so much!


Actually I have used pictures with that amt of resolution and you can use them, however, it isn't the best. I would try burning the projedt to a RW and see what it looks like. You can open each picture up in photosuite and save them as TIFF, and it does increase it a little. I have never, however, compared a before and after to see if you could see the difference on the tv. I would think that you would not see a difference. The rule of thumb is that you can't make improve on the quality of the original and everytime you go back and forth you loose a little. (even though the 88kb might remain)

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I agree with Patty. What is that famous saying ? "You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear". Now I guess I'm telling my age there huh ? :) .


I have used many jpeg files that are around the 100kb range and they seem to come out quite well in most of the slide shows I have made. Expermenting with some of them and seeing what you think is really the best way to tell. And again another saying "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". HOWEVER--- I like the one that says "Beauty is only skin deep---Ugly goes clear to the bone" LOL, LOL.



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