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Database proprietary or not?

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I assume RecordNow Music Lab stores a user's track collection in a database on their hard disc. My question is, where is it stored? Can one provide details on whether the library database is a single file, or contained in multiple files. Also, is the database format a proprietary format, or something open like SQLite or MDB?


Thank you.

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I don't have Record Now Music Lab, but I can install Record Now Deluxe Suite 7.3 and have a look there, if that will help.


However, if the application sources information from Gracenote per the Internet my bet is that the local database will be encrypted.


In Roxio's Easy CD Creator series, information on an inserted CD was obtained from the public CD Database, CDDB. It was kept in clear text in an easily accessed list which could be shared by other applications. However, once Gracenote acquired ownership of the CDDB the next version of Easy CD Creator had the data removed from plain sight and shifted into an encrypted database.


Of course I can only guess why that happened right then, but my guess is that Gracenote didn't want information from "their" CDDB accessible without some form of payment and so required Roxio to make it 'protected' as a condition for accessing the CDDB.


In my Easy CD Creator 5.3.5 the encrypted database is hidden at C:\Documents and Settings\Brendon\Application Data\Roxio\cddb and there's a cddb.ds file and several .fcs files, in case that suggests what type of database it might be.




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