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Audio Editor Cursor runs on



Roxio Creator 2010 Pro:


In Audio Editor, cursor runs past highlighted area and stopping point when space key is pressed, making it very difficult to place marker or use Control X for editing.


This process operates well in Roxio CD Creator 10 and allows for precise cutting of unwanted audio.


Also the cursor has a habit of turning from the "Select" arrow point to the "Move" four way arrow. ??


Roxio Creator 10 allows the highlighted area of an audio file to be played and replayed simply by pressing the space bar, with the "Improved" Roxio Creator 2010 version it is necessary to implement an additional key stroke. "Home", then the space bar. Adding time and motion to my editing time.


The mouse I use is a Microsoft four button optical track ball wich allows me to operate rather quickly with Creator 10 and it seems the improved 2010 version is not an improvement.


Additionally I have found no improvements in the rather lame "Clean" functions as purported in the advertisments.


I have used the 2010 program only once and have not had time to fuly evaluate it, but if it has overcome the Creator 10 habit of locking up and quitting, perhaps these obstructions can be overlooked.


Thank You,


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