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As little compression as possible....how?



Hi, I have a a .mov file exported from Avid Media Composer. The video is 3 minutes long, the file is 3,17 GB.

The project is made as a 25P Pal project, SD resolution 720x576


I want to make this into a DVD with Toast 10 Titanium.

Toast makes this file into a 160 MB file when set at the highest bitrates in Custom encoding settings.


I want it to compress even less, is this possible? I want the file to be bigger, 500MB..? 1 GB?


Thanks for all your tips to a newbie!



I see now what my "real" problem was. I had problems with interlacing or some sort of that kind. When I set Field dominance to "Progressive" in Toast 10 the DVD playback on my Sony flatscreen was much better.


To make a 3 minute video on DVD larger than 160 MB is....more like absurd or something.



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The file size is irrelevant. There is a maximum bit rate for MPEG 2 compression supported by video DVD players. The maximum is a combination of the video and audio bit rates. For instance, you'd need to lower the video bit rate if you used PCM audio instead of Dolby Digital audio (the latter is compressed). Some DVD players have trouble playing video with bit rates near the maximum. The other thing you can do to improve quality is put a check mark next to Half-Pel.

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