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Circles and ellipses, aspect ratio 16:9 vs. 4:3 and other mysteries



Hi everybody,

please excuse my stubbornness, but this is a new formulation of an already asked question that nobody is answering. I also asked the same question to the customer support.


Consider the following scenario: I have a beautiful photo of a ... circle :-)


I use it in a normal DVD project, the standard project that MyDVD Premiere creates, with menus and all, and reproduce the resulting DVD in a player connected to a 16:9 TV. (with correct Display settings in the player, of course). The circle is ... well ... a circle! :-)


Now I use the same photo in a different project, in MyDVD Premiere, namely a "DVD without menus" project. This kind of project is useful to create DVDs that just play a video forever, without any need for interaction. Well, the circle will now be ... an ellipse! :-) horizontal axis slightly longer (about 4:3) than the vertical axis.


This is of course an aspect ratio problem, but I do not find any option that permits me to alter this!


I have tried to set different display options concerning screen format both on TV and on the DVD player (e.g. 4:3 letter box, Wide, 4:3 pan, Zoomed), but no option produces the result that I would like to have: namely a DVD video without menus and 16:9 aspect ratio.


Best regards & thanks in advance for your help


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Does your MyDVD has a menu File|Project Settings? If so check if that offers the option to select the aspect ratio and play with each one to see which gives the desired result.

Malatekid, thanks for your answer. I have MyDVD Premiere 10.

If I select "New Project" -> "DVD without menu" there is of course a File Settings menu, but the option for 4:3 or 16:9 is grayed out.

By the way the customer support answered me the same... I would like to be able to post here an image of my screen, but it is not possible!

Thanks a lot anyway



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the Customer Support has answered my question, I will post here the complete workaround, if someone else is interested:


I have to select "New Project" -> "DVD without menu" and the media selector will appear. I choose randomly one photo, it's just to create the new project. This will generate a 4:3 aspect ratio video. Now I will have to go under "Add Video" menu, and select, there it is possible, 16:9 Video. Now I can begin to select the real photos that I want...

At the end, I will have to delete the dummy 4:3 video that just served as "starter" for the DVD without menu.


Hope this helps someone else with my problem

Best regards


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