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Dvd freezes when played back



hello all. I just got a new dell and I've been having some playback problems with the dvds I created using myDVD 6.

I drag in my only .avi and it burns no problem. when I play it back, the dvd always freezes at the same spot a few seconds before it ends. Now I have previewed the .avi each time before I tried to burn it and it played perfectly.

I've read the help section and tried to burn it on a lower speed but I still have the same problem. I've also tried different brands of dvd-r's just in case the batch I was using was faulty. I even rendered my .avi again to see it it was the culprit.


It just seems weird to me that I have this problem and was wondering if this was a setting that I haven't clicked or something of that nature.


any help would be much appreciated.



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Guest ivanatrox

play the dvd on a different DVD player or on a computer and see if it still has the same issue... sounds like a media problem to me



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