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DC Offset issues





Since I got plenty of info on the last issue I had, I thought I'd check on another:


I have my receiver feeding into my sound card, A Realtek High-Def card purchased last May. The recording setup on the Realtek is 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 hz (CD Quality). Line-In/Properties/Enhancements has "DC Offset Cancellation" checked, and describes it as "...makes input signal operated at the right level", whatever that means. I think it means "written by a techie whose native language is not English.


Anyway, I find that a DC offset is always evident on the graph when I load up the captured audio file. First thing, I select the clip, then right-click for Clip Properties. I check the box for Adjust DC Offset, and click OK. Roughly 50% of the time, the entire audio graph shifts nicely to reflect no DC offset on both channels. The other 50% of the time, only the LEFT channel is corrected, and the RIGHT channel shows a clear positive (above 0) offset.


I've not found any event, attribute, or other common thing that might clue me in on why the Offset is not properly corrected on some files vs. others. I've loaded the same file into Adobe Sound Booth, and the same offset is there. I've been embarrassingly unsuccessful in discovering how to correct DC offset in Sound Booth. To date, I've been convinced it's supposed to do it automatically. But the offset shows up in SB's graphical representation.



1) Is DC Offset, if not corrected, going to introduce some audible distortion in my resulting .wav files?

2) Is there some way to get the capture process to correct it up front? (I thought the Realtek driver settings were going to clear this up: ...apparently not.

3) Is there some trick to getting BOTH channels adjusted by SE 2010, something I'm doing that I'm unaware of?

4) Is there any point in worrying about this at all for CD-grade (or less) captures of analog audio files?

5) Is there another tool that is dedicated to correcting DC offset before an editing session is started?


Thanks again to all. KP:

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