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Music Disc Creator adding copies of tracks to disc by itself



Hi there,

Now this is something that has been happening for awhile, but this is the first time I have decided to try and do something about it. When I try an create a mp3 jukebox disc with the Music Disc Creator the disc completes and burns fine. Then when I check the disc there are doubles of one or more songs. Now after this happened and did my next disc I payed particular attention to see if there was an doubles in my list and there definitely wasn't, yet the doubles continue to appear. This doesn't happen every time, but does quite often. Has anyone else had this problem and managed to resolve the problem?

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Hi Jim,

It appears in both.

The only way the same song is getting on there twice, is when you add it a second time…


The program can't do that.


It is not even possible to have two files with the same name on the same directory of a disc!!!


There must be something different about these files… With Explorer sorting by name, they would appear together in the listing.


But even then there has to be a difference in the filename!!!


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