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I just picked up 2010 I was wondering if somene can help

I want to make a ring tone from music.

How is this done?


First read your user manual for the device to determine if your phone will accept ring tones by USB transfer. Some do not.


If it does:

1) Determine what format it will take and how large a file.

2) Determine if the ring tones are on a folder on the device that you can get to.

3) Open Edit Music-Advanced and add the music file.

4) Cut out the sections of the music that you do not want.

5) Export the music file to a folder on your computer in the format that the device will accept. Check to make sure that the file size is less than what the device will accept.

6) Open Media Manager and plug in your device. Cancel the program wanting to sync to the device.

7) Select split view. On the top view, navigate to the folder where the music is. On the bottom view, navigate to the devices ring tone folder.

8) Use the controls to transfer.


Come back if you have any questions. Next time please list your phone make and model.




Note that not all cell phones will allow you to transfer in this way. I use this method to transfer music/ring tones to my Blackjack II phone and to my Zen music player.

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