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Maybe this will clear things up.This is from the iTunes help files.


"Important:If you buy a season pass and then buy an individual episode, you're charged again for the episode. If you see that an episode is available but it hasn't yet been downloaded to your computer, choose Store > “Check for Available Downloads.”


Some shows in the iTunes Store are available for purchase in HD-quality format. When you buy an HD TV show, iTunes downloads both HD and standard-definition files, so you can also watch the show on your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV. When you sync the show to your iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV, iTunes automatically transfers the correct file. To watch the show on your computer in standard definition, go to Edit > Preferences > Playback, and then select “Play videos using standard definition version.”


Many shows are available for download and purchase the day after they air; some shows may not be available for a few days. TV shows and passes are not available in all countries.


You can't burn video content purchased from the iTunes Store to DVD."



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Hi there can anyone help?

I upraded to 2010 so that i could burn my itunes MP4 tv shows onto a dvd, but either i'm doing somthing wrong, or it cant do it.


DRM message? or ? Please tell us how you are trying to do it. Start with what application you are trying to use? I have mp4 files and can burn them to a DVD but the files are not DRM protected. Are you using make DVD (my DVD)?

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Hi there thanks for fast responce.

1) create dvd

2)roxio my dvd


Thats it i cant add files or movies as when i browse and click what i want to add it shows a no entry sign.


Just reply to this message rather than starting a new one.


The no entry sign mean one of two things. Not the right format (we alray can guess it is a supported format) or there is DRM protection and you can't work with those files. You can onoly watch them on your computer. That's the law !


If you need to ask more questions or clarify anything, please use more text

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