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videowave 8 and videowave 8 premiere



I am apparently locked out of some of the text overlay properties. I am using VW8 and photosuite premiere software package, which I had the understanding from the Help program would enable these features.


My VW8 build is:Easy Media Creator 8 Build(805B61C).


I installed this package over the Easy Media Creator 8 Suite.


Thanks for your help

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When you add a text affect to a video, slide or blank panel, the text overlay can be double clicked and a property window appears with motiion controls, text customizations, styles, 3d enhancement properties and more.


In videowave 7 you had access to all these customizations. In videowave 8 they show up but are only grayed out and unaccessable.


When you access the help file it tells you that some of the features are only available in higher versions of this product.


If you go to the product site for Roxio they now offer the premiere version of photosuite and videowave 8. It was my impression that this was the higher version(s) of both of these products.


Its build number is different from the one supplied in the basic version of creator, so this makes me think that this must be a higher version of this product.


I would like access to these features as I did in the earlier version of videowave 7. I don't want to pay $99.00 for one more version of medial creator when I have already paid for the basic version. Do I need to get refunded for this premiere version that I purchased?


I just went to their site today and can't find the combo package. I purchased it yesterday as an upgrade. I do have it and it is installed. When it installs it includes enhance options for photosuite, it replaces the record now with a new version, it replaces the videowave 8 with a new version, it replaces roxio home application with a new version.


I am not crazy. It is a 247MB download through the digital river system, and since it is an upgrade it cost $39.00 plus 14 for the disk.




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There are quite few things that were available in V7 that are NOT available in the standard version of Videowave 8. I don't use Photosuite so I can't comment on that.

To the best of my knowledge, NONE of the separate versions have 100% of the features enabled. Only Easy Media Creator 8 Deluxe - SMRP $149 - has all features enabled.


A few posters got their money refunded so they could purchase the Deluxe version.

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I'm a bit confused. I see no package at Roxio Shop labelled Videowave 8 and PhotoSuite 8 Premiere.


Easy Media Suite 8 Standard edition includes the full version of both of those applications. Unless I'm mistaken, THE ONLY version that includes all features enabled is Easy Media Creator 8 Deluxe.


What text overlay properties are you referring to?

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