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Burning track and album titles on audio CD



I am burning CD from my own music stored as aiff files. In Toast 10 I add album and artist names and each track has a name. I have also marked for ADD CD TEXT. When burning there is no information on the CD, only track 1, 2 .... And no Album or artist name. The music itself is OK. When looking at a commercial music CD it has the same filetypes whith names on each track. How do I do it in Toast 10. This is driving me crazy.

Karl from Norway.

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CDTEXT is only good for players that are able to read the CDTEXT information. iTunes like many other players does not support this. Whereas when inserting the commercial Audio CD, the information is not embedded as CDTEXT and is obtained from CDDB server. You will need to submit this info to CDDB server in order for your CD to show this information when accessing CDDB server in future. However, you could use something like this to get your tracks displayed via CDTEXT info in iTunes.

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I made it. The solution was to import the audio CD made by Toast 10 to iTunes. I than added album title, artist name and track title manually. Next step was to make a playlist with all the tracks and than burn a new CD with iTunes. And the result was a music CD with all the information embedded, just like a commersial CD. :)

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The process you described has added all the meta information to the Itunes local database and NOT on the CD. If you try playing the same CD in a different computer, the information will not be displayed and the tracks will still be displayed as Track01, Track02 and so on.

Just to add a little more to this: Apple doesn't let third-party applications like Toast modify the cdinfo database file on your Mac (which is what your Mac is reading when it shows you the artist etc. info). Only iTunes can do that. Toast creates CD Text info on the disc but the Mac doesn't read this info. The link that firenhancer included in his post to the CD Text to cdinfo applescript makes it easy to transfer the CD Text information from the Toast-burned audio CD to iTunes. Once that is done your Toast-burned audio CD will display the same info when inserted in your Mac as does the iTunes-burned CD.

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" I add album and artist names and each track has a name. I have also marked for ADD CD TEXT. When burning there is no information on the CD, only track 1, 2 .... And no Album or artist name. "


like firenhancer said in reply, the track info you see from commercial music CDs in applications is collected from the gracenote/CDDB website. the way it works is not by searching anything embedded in the music file, but by the track sequence timings. the gracenote database is updated by users uploading their text entries of album track info from itunes and other submission paths. you are not supposed to submit track sequences for unique compilations you have created, though i have seen such submissions show up there.


I have had quite good success (>90%) creating audio CDs with CDspindoctor from my vinyl lps that are recognized as the correct titles,tracks and song lengths. there seems to be some wiggle room in the absolute timings that cddb interprets.


FWIW, if you are trying to make lp to cd transfers that itunes will recognize and label, here is my method:

i use a strobe corrected turntable to make sure my songs are initially recorded at the right speed.

record an entire album as one recording session. clean up the entire resultant file of surface noise with another application: clickrepair. this brilliant app for purchase at: http://www.clickrepair.net/

open the resultant file in CDSD and start to divide into the indiv. tracks of the lp, working only approximately for the moment. save regularly. give the tracks working names in cdsd for ease of work. with approx start and end points for each track now laid out, zoom way in. till you can see 1 sec with tenth second gradations visible in the timeline ( may need to change default prefs to get this mag level.) good sensitivity headphones are now essential here . working from back to front of the file, change track length to allow 1.5-2.0 sec of leadout from last audio fadeout or transient reverb of last track on the vinyl. begin the start of the last track 0.3-0.4 sec before the initial audible attack of the sound. save. select (hilight) the next to last track, then menu:edit: sync stop time with next track. adjust start location as above and continue till all tracks on a vinyl side are defined. save. you now have a collection of song files that include the silent leadout groove at the ends of each song. send all tracks to toast. change the default toast spacing between tracks to 0.0 sec for all but the first song on the cd- it must remain 2 sec. burn disc. I find these recordings nearly always are found in the database and show up properly labeled in itunes. further, the "analog" leadout groove silence with no separation time between tracks sounds far more correct than digital silent spaces inserted by toast default settings when listening to the CD


you can also create the album in toast by combining 2 recording sessions- 1 for each side with the same success rate. just leave about 1.5- 2 sec leadout groove recorded silence at the end of side 1 final song.


if tracks are run very close(segue), discard the .3-.4sec. pre-attack idea and start the segued track right at its initial attack.





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