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program hands went video editing in video wave



i recently bought a new gateway laptop with stats that follow: duo processor 2.2 ghz. 2 mb cache. 500 g hard drive. 4 gig ram.windows 7. i bought it so i could edit football video. there are very few processes running. just ones needed to run startup. abou 4% cpu usage. i have all video on dvds and were copied from a sony digital camera with a 30 g hard drive. the dvds come from the one touch burn application. the files are listed as video -ts format which is vob. i used to use sony vegas 9 movie package and the files would be directly downloaded to my media files part of the production. that program started to hang with windows xp service pack 3. i got frustrated so i bought the new computer and this new roxio cresator 2010 because a buddy of mine had good luck with the 2009 version. so i purchase the windows 7 compatibable program. it took a long time to realize that i couldnt use the import/capture function so i tried to use the copy and convert pogram which i was able to do and save the video to a file in ts-video format. i went to the add photo/video files and was able to transfer the video files to the videowave program. i started to edit my video to make a hight light video and when i went to hit ok for the second clip it said there was a problem that windows was trying to figure but ended up haveing to close it. i tried different things of reclosing reopening etc. i went in and repaired creator. i download sp1. it will not cooperate and it is getting very frustrating. is there any fix for this problem.

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