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Multiplex freeze cause discovered, need a bugfix!

Sky Shark


If I try to take 720 or 1080 video and burn it to a disc image using Toast 10 (OS X 10.5.8 Intel), frequently the multiplex process freezes. The content in question is set in the preferences to "never reencode." I have found the infuriating cause, I am able to reproduce it, but trying to get around it is rather hit-and-miss. I think a bugfix to Toast will solve this permanently. The sooner the better!


Programs have a signal flag which note if they are HD or SD content. This flag triggers screen proportions. The point at which one flag is switched to another can trip things up if one of the previous flags remains. As an example, if you are editing a SD commercial segment out of a HD program (either in EyeTV or Toast video Player) sometimes you get a bit of the SD flag still remaining.


Even if it looks like you've edited out all of the SD commercial some may still remain and its SD flag can cause the multiplex process to freeze at that changeover point. It seems the thumbnail image represents the end of that recording block and is not frame accurate.


If you are lucky, sometimes editing out the very end of the program-to-commercial area and the very beginning of the commercial-to program area *might* erase the SD flag and let the multiplex process work without freezing. Sometimes I take a whole lot off from the program resuming area and the multiplex will still freeze in that area.


I think the fix is for Toast's multiplex process to look for that switchover spot, keep it in HD, ignore the SD flag switch, and continue multiplexing.

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Interesting - I have been trying to create a "Blu-ray to DVD" (either to disk image or to media, no diff) from some 1080 60i H.264 in .m2ts container High Definition demo videos. The "Multiplexing XXXX" phase is not short, and eventually hangs at various % complete (97% on my latest attempt), using only one core and 15% CPU indicated.


Toast Version 10.0.6, 10.0.5, 10.0.4 no diff.


When I try the same thing with 1080 48i H.264 in .m2ts container demo videos, it hangs at "Encoding XXXX" with same one core, 12-15% CPU with occasional blips of activity on one core bar graph.


I submitted to Roxio, for all the good that is worth...

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