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playback of avhcd disc on computer

tim ehlinger


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Wouldn't on my machine. Not without the UDF 2.5 driver. I installed the Toshiba Bluray UDF 2.5 driver and only then would Cineplayer play the disc.



It is still a DVD and nothing can change that
You're partly correct. YEs, it is burned with a red laser, but NOT in teh regular video DVD format. AVCHD is burned using UDF 2.5 which is Bluray format. Since you have a bluray burner, the UDF 2.5 driver was probably installed with the disc that came with the burner. Edited by ggrussell
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The CinePlayer included in 2010 will play an AVCHD DVD in XP. It is still a DVD and nothing can change that, only it needs an AVCHD codec to play.




Thanks for the help. Where can I download the AVCCD codec I need to play it?


I get an error message when I put the disk in that says "windows can not read the disk. It may be corrupted or the format is not compatible with windows." I am running windows XP professional SP3 with a Intel XEON X5365 processor at 3.00 GHZ with 3.00 GB of RAM and an Nvidia quadro FX 3450 SDI card.


Also, it takes 2 to 3 hours to encode a movie 30 minutes in length in AVHCD - does that sound right to you?


Should I upgrade my graphics card - would that improve the encode time? If so, any recommendations for a graphics card?






Thanks again.

Edited by tim ehlinger
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Actually, your encode time sounds about right , but depends on CPU speed. A dual core or quad core definitely helps when rendering Hidef video.


Seriously, XP does not support UDF 2.5 and needs a driver. This has nothing to do with Cineplayer. If the OS can't read the disc, then Cineplayer can't play it back. Download it here. Don't click on the BIG Download. That takes you to another site. It's the tiny orange link under it. :)

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