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no sound on a dvd after burning



I hook up my camcorder and it uploads the file fine and burns fine but there is no sound

and on the summary

video all 1 movie and 0 extras 0:55:34

Audio:All (None)

subtitles none

menus Yes

auto compression : off

any Ideas

I was using toast 8 and

just bought toast 9 and it still does the same thing

10;4.11 soft ware


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yes it is fire wire and the camcorder is dv

if i just copy like 10 mins it works fine and there is sound

but if i copy the whole tape the sound is gone

and nothing in the audio

I don't recall anyone describing this issue before. I'm wondering if the loss of sound coincides with a new recording on the camcorder. In any case I don't know how to have Toast do anything different in this regard. That means you need to use some other application to capture the video to the hard drive from which you then can drag it to Toast. Some options I know about are QuickTime Pro, iMovie and the freeware Vidi.

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a long story short I am transferring all of my digital 8 tapes to dvd as my old camcorder went bad so I borrowed my dads digital8 and am trying to transfer

it seems so weird that if i pick a up load time like 10-20 mins it works fine but if I pic complete tape or 60mins it does not record sound

and it says no audio I am going to try to see if my new camcorder works it is a HD Hdv sony and i did get it to work so far

any other ideas would be great


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