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Blu-Ray data disc backups with Mac 10.4.11 = Yes



To : Anyone seeking to make blu-ray data discs, It's not a problem.


System info _________________

Toast 9.0.2 and/or 9.0.7

MacBookPro 2,2

Mac OS 10.4.11


Drive info ____________________

External enclosure "Other World Computing's Mercury Pro 12X BDSD"

OWC item number OWCMRF8BDSD12X

Drive mechanism - Pioneer BD-RW BDR-205

Firmware 1.02 / MMC-3


Blank media info ________________

Brand = Memorex 25GB, blue surface with logo.

Disc info from within Toast - Manufacture ID - RITEKBR2



Can backup 22.66GB per disc with "Mac & PC" format.

Disc takes about 21 minutes to burn, about 19 or less to verify. 40 minutes total per disc.

Toast progress screen varies but reads something like...

"Average write speed: 4X"

"Current write speed: 7X"

However the estimated time remaining in Toast's progress screen was way off from the real time at completion.


NOTE - You do not need the $19.99 "HD / BD plug-in" to make blu-ray data discs.

You do need to install a system extension called "RoxioBluRaySupport.kext"

The installation of that extension is done by Toast, it comes with Toast, no extra cost.

Toast installs that system extension to allow your Mac to read Blu-ray and HD DVD discs, to

mount them on the Desktop when you insert a Blu-ray disc into the external drive, the Mac OS

does not support blu-ray still as of November 2009.

The Blu-ray system extension and the $19.99 "HD / BD plug-in" are two different things.

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