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Win 7 won't shut down after installation of Roxio 2010



I made a clean install of Win 7 in October. After installation of Roxio 2010, my Dell laptop hung in 30-40% of the instances, when I tried to shut down, hibernate or put it to sleep, so I had to kill the system by switching the computer completely off. That is dangerous to do too often, so I have spent a considerable amount of time to localize the error by removing different parts of my software. In the end, I downloaded the Microsoft debugger that is able to interpret the Windows minidump and it told me that the problem was in the CDROM unit. I then disabled the CDROM unit and I have never had the problem since. Next, I wanted to try and uninstall Roxio 2010 and enable the CDROM unit again but, when I try to uninstall Roxio, I get the message "Runtime Error! R6034, An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the application's support team for more information".


I cannot prove that the problem lies in Roxio 2010 but the evidence is quite strong. I am not so impressed. Roxio isn't the cheapest software around and it has cost me a lot of work to find out why my system hung when powering down.


Any help is certainly welcome.




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I have not tried the uninstall procedure described because I was not aware of its existence. I will do it as soon as I have made a backup of my hard disk. However, my immediate remark is that 1) there must be a bug in Roxio Creator 2010, and 2) it is not optimal that users have to modify the registry and delete files and directories by hand just to get rid of Roxio 2010. Any way that you can come up with something better?

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