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Adding Text to a video



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How do I set the duration of text I add to a video in videowave? I add text and it only lasts for the first few seconds of the video. I need to lengthen that time.



On the timeline, simply drag the right edge of the text on the text drag to the right to get the length you want.


You might actually add the text to the internal track. That way the text will always stay with that particular video clip. Otherwise if you were to add some new video or image before the clip, the text will not shift along with the video and you would have to move it.

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I think I can figure out the dragging on the timeline. What do you mean and how do I add the text to the internal track?


In timeline view, select a video clip on the main video track. Then click on "internal Track" and you should get a window which only applies to the selected video clip. You can add text just as if you were on the main view timeline.

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