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DV camcorder capture with Windows 7 32 Home Premium

Lee Hunter


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Sure looks like Lee is using the Tip of the Iceberg posting method :lol:


Open your Device Manager before you plug in the Firewire. (Win-Pause – pick Device Manager)


Then plug in your Firewire. Do you see the camcorder added to your Device list?







Jim, Thanks so much for your reply. Following your instructions to the letter resulted in no difference. My Panasonic PV-GS250 does not show up. It did show up in Vista, whch is what prompted my question. I have received a reply from Panasonic that they had no plans to create Windows 7 drivers.

Do you have any suggestions as to which other drivers I could try?. Is there any "program compatibilty" alternatives for drivers?



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Since this camcorder is a standard miniDV tape camcorder, the driver is built into Win7. Even when you connect it using USB to transfer the still images, win7 shouldn't have an issue.


For troubleshooting, doyou have another firewire cable to try? Do you have more than one firewire port on the computer? Try all ports. Can you try using the camcorder on another computer or laptop?


As long as the camcorder does not show up in Device Manager, no software will be able to use it. The OS must recognize the camcorder first.

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As Gary said, it is a Firewire connection and the beauty of Firewire is that it has always worked!!!


But for some reason yours is not being seen by the PC…


Gary's idea about using another cable is good. Also do you have any other PC to check it on? It could be your 1394 controller is the problem.


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