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Yes, I know that this is over 2 months old and that the OP is probably long gone;

but it's still on the first page with no answers

so I thought I'd answer it anyway,


Anyone know how to disable the advertisment/banner to stop it accessing the internet?


the only method that I've been able to find is to use a "bi-directional" Firewall

that's capable of filtering & blocking incoming & outgoing requests


ie ZoneAlarm, etc.


in the firewall's control panel you create rules etc.

and then "browse" for & block the .exe files related to the program you wish to prevent connecting to the web,

creating a new block rule for each .exe until you find the one that's the part of the program that's phoning home.

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EMC 9 is very old and I don't have it on my computer. In later versions under the Home screen top menu there should be an option to not get updates. If the EMC is question is a DE (Dell Edition), then there is no way of doing that. The DE owner needs to contact Dell.


For Example in Creator 2010, in case anyone searches for the terms and gets here, it is here:



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