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My Very Own Rant



As I have found by doing some research over the last few days I am one of hundreds if not thousand of people having this same problem. You would think that after paying this much money for a software title and then waiting 30+ minutes for it to install that it would actually work. Silly assumption. I did the clean install, although that makes no sense to a person like me who has no previous versions of Roxio or Sonic on my machine. Then I did the unbelievably long reload again. Same issue. Did clean install again and the Service pack. Same issue. Then I came here and scoured these forums with their horrible search engine. Finally went back out to Google and found this forum. And it is not surprising to see that the 'help" from some of the online gurus is much the same as the rest of this awful Roxio experience.


I am an IT guy who has loaded hundreds of software titles on various OS's in the last few years alone. I have never seen anything so poor as the Roxio implementation. Huge price, failed install, no direct answers from Roxio support. Then they tell you you have to pay for support, because even though the software is tiltled Ceator 2009, and it is still 2009, they are not supporting 2009. Brilliant. And I am appalled by the amount of junk left on my machine after running Roxio's included uninstall. Both in the folder structure and in the registry. Why does an uninstall leave literally hundreds of artifacts on my machine? With the price tag for this software you would thing you could get a decent uninstall. Nope, you have to spend hours researching online and then going through a manual processs just to get this Roxio virus off of your machine.


Then you come online to these forums and you get 'gurus' like Jim and others whose attitude is so smug and condescending that it just seals the coffin of people's frustration so that we will never touch another Roxio product again. Maybe it is just a few rotten apples spoiling the bunch.


Regardless, the whole Roxio experience from start to finish (although not really 'finish' because my software has yet to load properly) has been the worst in my 13 years of IT and multimedia experience.

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As I have found by doing some research over the last few days I am one of hundreds if not thousand of people having this same problem. ....

Well, a few people (by far less than 100 — compare with the silent majority of million happy users!) may run into installation problems. And of course, you have read the suggestions we (users like you) provided to overcome such obstacles! ;)


But then, as you as an IT guy are well aware, installation failures can be often caused by the same catagories:


1. Virus or Malware protection software preventing important Registry entries to be done.

2. not installing recent patches and service packs.

3. system not uptodate with Windows patches, device drivers, and what not.

4. system low in resources; so: reboot and run no other program (incl. from Startup).

5. hard drives not defragmented (use tools such as PerfectDisk, DiskKeeper, SpeedDisk).

6. some other Windows problems.

7. sporadic Hardware incidents.

8. etc.


Hop[e this helps.




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