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How to completely uninstall Creator 2010 Pro.



I bought Creator 2010 and installed it. It crashed my computer so I uninstalled it and sent it back. Since then, when I go to send an email in my email program, a box pops up to install the Roxio Cineplayer Decoder Pack. I have to keep cancelling it out for about three times before it goes away and them my emails go out. I checked my control panel Add & remove programs and Creator 2010 does not show up there. However when I check my programs on my "C" drive it is listed there and I can't delete it. I contacted Roxio Chat but they were no help. Can anyone please help me. I deleted all the folders in the program file except the virtual drive one. It won't let me delete that program because of the DC-shellExt.dll file.. It's driving me crazy trying to send emails.

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Go here to print the instructions.

You can also get a link for XP at the bottom of that page.


Make sure you follow them to the letter.

Seeings as you don't have an entry in Add/Remove be sure to run the Microsoft Install Cleanup Utility per the instructions.

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