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.jwl compatibility



When I try to open .jwl files in 2010 PRO created by Easy Media Creator7 I get an error message saying "The file may be corrupted.", apparently suggesting that it may not be corrupted since the same file still opens immediately, without errors, in Creator7. Roxio's automated online help utility says .jwl is not a supported file format, but if you create a label in 2010, that is the format used to store a new label. I'd expected something as simple as a labeling module would be backward compatible within the company's product line. Has anyone found a work-around for this? Any help would be appreciated.

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The split-line is between EMC 10.0 and EMC 10.1, when the Label Creator was altered.


You can use .JWL files from EMC 10.0 and earlier versions of EMC among this group of suites in many cases.

You should be able to use .JWL files created in EMC 10.1, Creator 2009, or Creator 2010 between those three suites, but in general you can't use those from the earlier group.







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