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Any way to read .cl5 files?



I just uninstalled Easy CD Creator 5.2 Basic, which had suddenly stopped working on my 7-year-old laptop [pause to let laughter die down], and installed a copy of Creator 9.0 DE [pause to let laughter die down], which I got for two bucks last year. I'm not doing anything more ambitious than burning data files to CD-Rs at the moment, so if this is crippled or superannuated software, it's not a problem.


My question is this: I have dozens of .cl5 files representing the contents of discs I burned with 5.2. Is there any way in heaven or hell that I can get 9.0 to read them, or that I can convert them to something 9.0 can read? It was convenient to be able to look back at the .cl5 file and check what I'd burned to a particular disc, without actually having to find the disc and load it.


My apologies if this topic has already been covered. I spent an hour going back through the most recent 15 pages of forum headers and couldn't find a hint of it, and searching on ".cl5" turned up nothing.


I doubt that it's relevant, but this is a Dell Inspiron 2650 running WinXP Home with SP3.


Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.


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Post #4 from Dave Dewywright in THIS TOPIC about EMC 8 really says it all

Unfortunately, the answer is "no". There isn't any way to export your .CL5 projects into any format that EMC 8 will use. Then again, ECDC 6 wouldn't open them either. Nor would ECDC 5 reliably open .CL4 files. For whatever reason, compatibility with older version project files has never been maintained in the ECDC/EMC product line, you need to rebuild the projects using the new version.


In those days it was possible to have ECDC5 coexist with EMC8 or 9, but Microsoft's updated versions of Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer kill the earlier versions of Roxio software now.



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