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Is it possible to copy the native audio track?



I shot an event with two camcorders, a helmet cam that has a mic on it and a stationary camcorder for a larger view of the event.


The two videos show the same event from different camera perspectives. Because the helmet cam audio is so clear, it would be nice to use the audio (native) from my helmet cam with the stationary cam clip instead of its native audio.


I understand how to turn off the native audio on the stationary clip, but so far every attempt I've made to copy and paste the native track of my helmet cam into the stationary cam clip results in the entire helmet clip getting pasted in front of the stationary clip.


Any thoughts about how to do this?

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In VideoWave, use the Media Selector and Drag the extracted Audio onto the Music or Narration track.

Thanks much Jim, that's the part I was missing. Since I posted, I realized I could extract the audio, but I couldn't get it into the other clip.


LOL, seems so obvious after you told me how to do it! :(


That worked perfectly BTW!


Thanks Jim

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