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Scan and Download - does 2010 work?



I ran Creator 10 on my XP, and Scan would find all the segments from my DV Camera over the firewire - do all the automated process.


But when I would select one or two, or ALL, or anything in-between, it would download the first few segments, but then get into a loop and download the next segment over and over again.


If I stopped it and tried another segment, it would sometimes go forward and back over and over nonstop - so I would have to stop the process.


Is this suppose to work? I have never gotten it to work correctly after the first few dowloads from one tape.


After my system died, I installed Creator 10 on my new Windows 7 Pro 64 laptop (with firewire), and it does the same thing (maybe a little faster).


Is this going to work the way it is suppose to in 2010? If not I don't see any reason to get it. Nothing much else has changed in the Editor between the two. All I use it for is to download videos and make DVDs. I liked the idea of Creator 10 when I got it because it looked like it would automate a lot of the process. But this didn't happen. I can't see dishing out a bunch of money for an update if it doesn't do what is promised. I have seen other people posts with the same problem with 10.

So - does this actually work on the newest version? :blink:

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